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One of our own, Brian Hunter, was recently honored for his many years of service in support of waterfowl by the California Waterfowl Association and The California Fish & Game Commission. Click here, (#1 #2), to see the Hall of Fame Award that he received from the Commission.


Sorry, but we did not have a volunteer take over in managing the annual DFG Retiree Luncheon at the Dante Club when Ann Porten stepped down after handling it for several years. We are still in need of someone to step forward for 2017.

Have you read the 1933rd Psalm?

History of our Fish Hatcheries

Copy of 130 Years of DFG History from Outdoor Cal

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Who is Paul McCauley and what is he trying to do with our pension???

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If you have current email addresses for the following retirees, please contact them and have them get in touch with me so that I can update their emails:

Gene Fleming
Claudia Fenner
Cecilia Hart
Fred Botti
Frances Kaler

R. Ohler
Jim Ruch
Pat Moore
Bob Fletcher
F. Goodson

If you know of retirees who are not on the roster, please have them contact me so that we can make sure that we can all stay in touch.

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